Squash AUTOM

This guide will show you the various possibilities offered by the version 1.0.0.alpha1 of Squash AUTOM.


This version is intended to be used as a POC and therefore not in a production context (notably wth a Squash TM whose database is new or a copy of an existing one).

This 1.0.0.alpha1 version provides two components :

  • Squash Orchestrator : it is a tool composed of a set of micro-services to be used by sending an execution plan written in a specific format, the EPAC (Execution plan «as code»), in order to orchestrate automated tests.

  • Result Publisher Plugin for Squash TM : this plugin for Squash TM allows the return of informations towards Squash TM at the end of the execution of a Squash TM execution plan by the Squash Orchestrator.